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Samsun Turkey Samsun is a Turkish city and the capital of the Samsun Province of the same name as well as an important Black Sea port and transportation center. It is where Atatürk founded the Turkish Republic movement and it served as its base during the Turkish War of Independence. Samsun stretches along the coast between two river deltas which empty into the Black Sea. It is located at the end of an ancient trade route from Cappadocia when it was called Amisos. The Amisos of antiquity lay on the headland just northwest of the current day city. To Samsun's west lies the Kızılırmak (Red River) which is one of the longest rivers in Anatolia. To the east lies the Yeşilırmak River (Green River). Each river is in a delta which are now protected wetland preserves.

Samsun has a typical Black Sea climate with high rainfall the year round. Summers are warm and humid with the average maximum temperature being 27°C in August. Winters are cool and damp with the average minimum temperature being 3°C in January. The rainy season is in late autumn and early winter with snow being common between the months of December and March. Samsun-Çarşamba Airport is 23 kilometers east of the city center. Havas service buses to the airport depart from the Otogar close to Kultur Sarayi in the city center.

Samsun Turkey

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